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4 Benefits of using a modern Operating System

Modern day operating systems bring a host of benefits to everyday life. From the generation where computers didn’t exist and complex computations seemed far away in the future, modern operating systems became the leading technological innovation and closed the employment gap.

Nowadays, anyone with a modern OS can do meaningful work on the computer and it has become an extension of every individual. If you’ve always wondered about what a modern OS meant to the world and you in general, keep reading.

Here are the four amazing benefits of using a modern operating system.

Improved work productivity: With word processing applications, automated payroll calculations, and the advent of Microsoft Excel, modern operating systems play a huge role in the finance and business sectors. Business is booming in corporate sectors, and in general, users can multitask with modern OS. The future of cloud computing, file sharing, and virtualization have become a reality. This is thanks to the innovative thinkers behind this original creation. Improved work productivity also entails the use of spreadsheets, and sending emails quickly. No longer do users need to face the experience of server lag and can send emails instantly at the click of a button.

Enhanced creativity: You can change the way your desktop looks these days. You get tons of skins, customizable colors, and in general, a creative palette to stimulate your imagination. Modern day operating systems also make it easier for artists, singers, songwriters, engineers, and other professionals to make a living. Since PCs now come equipped with relevant open source software and development tools for programmers and artists alike.

You can build games in an OS, code like a pro, and even make cool design projects whenever you want. Additionally, you can change the theme of your desktop, orientation, customize the entire desktop view with apps. You can add cool features like RocketDock and time management systems.

Increased security: Modern day operating systems include features such as data encryption, data hardening, kernel patch protection, Windows Bitdefender, antivirus protection, and security management tools. This helps to ensure a safer user experience. You can shop online through HTTPS websites and SSL-encrypted portals to make sure your credit card info is safe. The increased security also helps in preventing file leaks to third parties. These days it is much more difficult for hackers to obtain info.

Quicker boot times: Probably the biggest advantage of a modern day OS is lesser boot times compared to previous versions of OS. This can speed up work productivity and the modern day OS even features faster response times making processing tasks much quicker. This helps reduce help desk costs accounting for 40% lesser downtime than older operating systems. This also equates to quicker response times which lessens system crashes and lets you save work a lot more easily.

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