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Buy Kohler Aluminum Cabinets for your modern bathroom

Kohler aluminum cabinet is the perfect solution for storing anything and everything related to the bathroom in the most sophisticated manner. Apart from its flagship stores, the brand has tied up with various retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, Wayfair to sell Kohler aluminum cabinets across the world.

While revamping the bathroom, modifying even a small aspect can have a great impact on its appearance. Similarly, placing a Kohler aluminum cabinet  in your bathroom will give your bathroom a chic look. Here are some cabinet options that you can check out:

  • Kohler aluminum cabinet having a flip out mirror15”x30” This cabinet features glass shelves that allow you to keep multiple items in the same space. It also comes with a mirror on the inside part of the cabinet’s door that can be vertically adjusted. The product does not rust or chip even after multiple splashes of water. You have a reason to rejoice if you are a left-handed person since these cabinets can be placed in any direction. The same product is available with a width of 20 inches and height of 30 inches or 15 inches and 30 inches for larger bathrooms.
  • Kohler lighted cabinet If your bathroom is unable to gather sufficient amount of natural light and the artificial light seems too bright in the morning, this cabinet from the brand is your perfect solution. With LED lights installed inside, it ensures that everything kept in the cabinet is visible and performing grooming activities is easy. The strategically positioned bulbs prevent shadowing and lend a view almost similar to natural light. It comes in different sizes such as with 24 inches width and 30 inches height for spacious areas or 20 inches width and 30 inches height for smaller bathrooms.
  • Kohler aluminum cabinet with front mirror This product comes in an enormous size of 34 inches (width) by 30 inches (height) and is ideal for keeping towels, as well as laundry along with other small accessories. This cabinet is characterized by three superior mirrors on the front, inside and back respectively for an all rounded view.
  • Kohler medicine cabinet  The Kohler medicine cabinet is highly popular for its in-built electrical outlets that allow instant charging of equipment such as shavers. It comes with internal lights that provide an even and neutral look to the inside of the cabinet as well as the bathroom as a whole. This product features an interesting combination of aluminum as well as glass shelves for keeping items of different weights and sizes. The internal mirror is magnified up to three times for superior visibility.
    Exclusive features such as doors that close slowly as well as easy installation ensure that the cabinet does not get damaged easily and adorns your bathroom for a long period.

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