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Cell phones and how it affects our daily life

We have grown up with our grandparents sharing their life stories with us where they found it hard to share and transmit their important messages to their near and dear ones who lived far away from them and had to totally depend upon the postal services. Those golden old days are long gone and today we live in a fast-paced world where we are able to show people living miles away what is happening in our lives as it happens “ all due to the phenomenon that is the cell phone. Wherever we go, whether it is shopping malls, the road, home, hospital, office, and even the mountains, we can stay connected with the world with cell phones.

Information technology has brought the world closer where we are able to keep in touch constantly with family and friends through social apps and see HD quality pictures and videos through social media websites in real-time.
Communication has made it really simple even for any emergency purpose to seek the help of ambulance, police or any other services or even our loved ones and friends who are all but one phone call away
When many of us are busy and stressed, the easiest way to destress and relax is watching entertainment programs. Now television programs are telecasted around the globe through their mobile applications, and all we need to watch them is a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. The whole world is at your fingertips “ there are numerous news apps, health apps, music app and game apps to enjoy according to one’s mood.
If data or Wi-Fi is enabled on the mobile phone, it helps a lot for the daily utilities such as helping to book a cab, getting an appointment with a doctor, getting a reservation at a restaurant, paying one’s electricity and phone bills, and even shopping online. If the phone is camera supported there is nothing better than capturing that special moment at any time. More than all of this, the phone is indispensable as a navigator. With the help of GPS, we can reach any location we desire with the correct driving directions as well traffic conditions.
Our lives have become more organized with this tech gadget. One can set alarms, store important documents, write out memos, store events in the calendar, etc.

At the end of the day, cell phones are a smart gadget. All we need is to use it accurately and for the correct things.

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