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Exercises for swollen ankles treatment

There are some reasons for swollen feet and ankles. Pregnancy, bad cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, kidney failure, and other kinds of nerve damage and injuries may be the causes behind the same. One may also suffer from swollen legs and ankles in such cases, instead of swollen feet. It is essential to be careful about the situation and carry out swollen ankles treatment so that there are better mobility and less pain. While rest is one of the best ways to conduct swollen ankles treatment, one should also move around a little for better blood circulation in the area. So here are a few exercises for swollen ankles treatment.

Point and stretch: This is a simple exercise which will ensure that the discomfort of swollen feet and ankles is alleviated to promote better mobility and blood circulation. You should sit with your legs stretched out and then point your toes as far out as possible. Then flex your ankles and bring them back. Do this at least ten times for each foot and then increase the number slowly.

Squeeze and flare: This is another good exercise for swollen ankles treatment. You will need to hold an elastic band between your toes. Then, squeeze and open the feet until you feel the stretch and pull. This exercise will also help your swollen legs and ankles by restoring mobility.

Tippy toes move: With this simple move, you can strengthen the legs and ensure that you do not suffer from swollen feet and ankles. Stand upright and then elevate yourself on your toes. Then slowly come back down and allow yourself to rock back on the heels. This will give the swollen feet and ankles a real rush of blood circulation to carry out effective swollen ankles treatment.

Ball massage: Use a tennis ball for this exercise. Let the ball rest under your foot and slowly roll it back and forth while standing. Repeat for each foot to carry out swollen ankles treatment.

Before you try any one of these exercises, take advice from a physiotherapist and doctor who will know about your exact cause and condition for swollen legs and ankles.

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