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How to make your own outdoor furniture cushions

Ever seen a cushion so bright, colorful, and fluffy that you just feel like buying it immediately? What if you could make your own fluffy and customized set of outdoor pillows, tailored just to your tastes and decor? You can decorate your patio or your balconies with these DIY cushions. Here’s what you’ll need:
– An outdoor cushion filling
– Outdoor fabric for the cushion covers
– Zippers of the width of the cushions
– Sewing machine
– Fabric scissors and sewing needles
Now that you have all the things necessary for your pillow, you’re all set to start making them

So, the first step is to measure the length, breadth, and depth to determine how big your pillows are going to be. Next, you need to know the dimensions of your cushion panels. You have to take the measurement of the depth and the width of the cushion. Add an extra 1 to both measurements obtained to have ½ seam allowance. This is the measurement for the top and bottom of your cushion. To make the side panel, add all the original measurements of all four sides of the panel (add the numbers before the additional 1 was added), and add an extra 1 to that number. Make sure that you keep ½ seam allowance. Now that you have these dimensions, cut the panels for both sides neatly.

Using the fabric scissors, make round edges on your fabric corners of the two larger panels. To make the connection between your long panels and form them into one loop like structure which goes around the neck of the cushions. Fold the panel and ensure that the right sides are facing each other. Sew ½ from the corners and make that connection. Adding a V shape around the corners makes it easy to sew.

Now, use the sewing machine to stitch all the way. This is where the ½ seam allowance helps you. A zipper has to be attached to the panel at the bottom. So, before you sew it completely, attach a zipper on the bottom panel so that you can fill the cushion with filling material. Keep the zipper having its face down onto the right side of the material on the bottom panel’s corner. Use pins to fix the zipper in a place.

Once you have sewn the zipper in place, you’re all set to sew the cushion. Make sure that you have the fabric inside out so that the stitches aren’t visible. You’re going to have to fill your cushion with cushion fillings. Use a ruler and good quality marker to measure the width of the cushion. You can actually go overboard with the filling, since the fluffier, the better.

To cut the foam, use a plain and simple handsaw since it’s easier that way. Fold the foam in half and then insert it into the covers. Voila! You have your very own set of fabulous outdoor cushions! This is easy to way to make your own cushions that cater to your personal decor style as well. You don’t have to worry about spending hours online or in stores looking for something that suits your styles anymore.

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