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Top 4K TVs you should consider buying in 2021

Despite the release of several new-age devices, the television remains a timeless medium for home entertainment. With 4K adapted in almost every new model announced in 2021, we’re looking at immersive displays that will bring everyone together―be it for a movie marathon or a live concert night. If you’re unsure about which 4K TV to get, check out our top picks for impressive performance and hours of quality time.

  • Samsung Q90R 4K Smart QLED TV
    Designed with the ins and outs of pixel technology, this Samsung TV combines rich color display with impressive sound. We particularly like that the 4K processor actively controls the on-screen picture to deliver superior clarity every single time. Plus, the AI-powered volume adjustment picks up on important sounds and highlights them. The screen brightness also adapts to the room environment and the sequence on the screen to deliver an amazing viewing experience at home.
  • TCL 6-Series 4K UHD TV
    This is one of the best 4K TVs to spend on if you’re big on gaming. It supports a variable refresh rate, which makes it ideal for competitive gameplay. The brilliant resolution provides solid detail, and Dolby Vision brings amazing contrast and color. The sound, however, may not be the best feature of this model. While it is quite enjoyable when watching movies, there’s not much in the audio setup that stands out. We recommend this one mainly for its picture quality.
  • LG C9 Series 4k Smart OLED TV
    This sleek model from LG has 8.3 million individually lit pixels. So whether you’re watching a film or a concert, the display will light up for a truly spectacular viewing experience. The 4K processor enhances colors so that even the darkest of scenes come alive. That said, given all these specs, it’s not surprising that this set is quite expensive in comparison to the other 4k TVs on this list.
  • Sony X900H® 4K HDR LED TV
    This Sony HDR TV is an ideal buy if you want a high-quality display at an economical price. It comes with the expected new-era specs like amazing blacks, Dolby Vision, and natural and precise colors for better pictures. The patented X-Motion Clarity™ renders superior detail in fast-moving scenes so that you don’t miss anything. Sony also upscales the pictures originally filmed in 2K to near 4K resolution, which makes it one of the best 4K TVs out there.

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